Tow your vehicle

Whether you need a tow truck for your every day car, or a flatbed transport truck for your All Wheel Drive vehicle or exotic car, we have you covered!

Unlock your vehicle

Keys locked in your car? Don't stress, we can help! Our tow truck drivers can help you safely unlock your vehicle and get back to business!

Battery Boost

A dead battery can throw you off schedule. Don't let this ruin your day! We can have a Battery Boost service to your location and get you on your way!

Accident Towing

In the unfortunate event of a car accident, count on us to safely tow your vehicle. Accidents don't have to be stressful to deal with.

Vehicle Reposession

We work in partnership with licensed Bailiffs and can assist Leasing and Financing companies recover their assets.


Towing in Keswick
Unlock car in Keswick
Battery boost in Keswick
Accident towing in Keswick


Towing in Schomberg
Unlock car in Schomberg
Battery boost in Schomberg
Accident towing in Schomberg


Towing in Tottenham
Unlock car in Tottenham
Battery boost in Tottenham
Accident towing in Tottenham


Towing in Alliston
Unlock car in Alliston
Battery boost in Alliston
Accident towing in Alliston


Towing in Innisfil
Unlock car in Innisfil
Battery boost in Innisfil
Accident towing in Innisfil


Towing in Vaughan
Unlock car in Vaughan
Battery boost in Vaughan
Accident towing in Vaughan


Towing in Thornhill
Unlock car in Thornhill
Battery boost in Thornhill
Accident towing in Thornhill


Towing in Woodbridge
Unlock car in Woodbridge
Battery boost in Woodbridge
Accident towing in Woodbridge

Richmond Hill

Towing in Richmond Hill
Unlock car in Richmond Hill
Battery boost in Richmond Hill
Accident towing in Richmond Hill

King City

Towing in King City
Unlock car in King City
Battery boost in King City
Accident towing in King City


Towing in Markham
Unlock car in Markham
Battery boost in Markham
Accident towing in Markham


Towing in Barrie
Unlock car in Barrie
Battery boost in Barrie
Accident towing in Barrie


Towing in Orillia
Unlock car in Orillia
Battery boost in Orillia
Accident towing in Orillia


Towing in Caledon
Unlock car in Caledon
Battery boost in Caledon
Accident towing in Caledon


Towing in Stouffville
Unlock car in Stouffville
Battery boost in Stouffville
Accident towing in Stouffville

Toronto Towing - The One Stop Solution for your car troubles

Sometimes road side assistance towing service’s requirement becomes necessary, especially when your car suddenly breaks down or you have a flat tire with no spares available, and even in cases involving accidents where you have to get your car towed. Luckily if you live in and around Toronto you can get the best services of towing in Toronto. There are a number of towing companies that are active in the region in and around Toronto amongst them the Empire Towing Company offers one of the quickest and the best towing services available in Toronto for you.

The services

The services that are offered to you include the likes of- Door unlocking in case you lost your keys, towing your car if you ran out of fuel (it can happen sometimes), your car batteries died suddenly and you need a battery boost or replacement and even in cases including accidents where your car has to be towed back to the servicing center. The service is both quick and apt and would definitely satisfy your needs.

It does not matter where you are, in the downtown region, or stuck in a highway in the outskirts, the towing service is quick to reach you well in time to minimize the inconvenience that has been caused to you. You can expect to have the best service rendered to you all in the quickest possible time. The towing service is available in the regions of Toronto, Etobicoke, Scarborough, Markham, Richmond Hill, Brampton, Mississauga and North York. All these regions are covered by the best Toronto towing company professionals, who would be very quick to reach you and sort out your troubles.

Unbeatable price

If you thought that the best and the quickest service were available to you only by creating a sufficient dent in your wallets, then you are in for a big surprise. The tow truck service is available to you at a very reasonable price. The prices may vary according to the services that you might avail but be rest assured that the price that would be charged to you would be the minimum possible charge in all of Toronto towing companies.

Car accidents

If your car is involved in a car accident, its best to immediately call the towing company. It is always better to get a fast and proper auto recovery, so that you may feel safe and at ease sooner. With the help of the towing company you can soon be on your way back with the towing truck carrying your car for possible repairs.

In the end

The quality of any business at last depend on the old fashioned values of integrity, hard work, full attention to detail and proper commitment. All these are an integral part of the work culture of the Empire Towing Company and hence it is able to provide you with the best service, wherever (in the serviced zone) you are and whenever (24 x7) you require it. To avail these services all that you need to do is contact the towing company to get the best and most satisfying roadside towing service for your car.

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